5 Free Blog Post Templates – Hubspot

Hi there! Thanks for downloading our 5 free blogging templates!

What’s Included

In this folder, you’ll find these 5 blog post templates to help you write great blog posts faster and easier:

  1. The How-To Post
  2. The List-Based Post
  3. The Curated Post
  4. The SlideShare Post
  5. The Newsjack Post

Each template includes:

  • An overview of the blog post type;
  • Every step involved in planning and writing the post from start to finish;
  • Text boxes to write your own notes or blog post copy;
  • Additional tips and recommendations; and
  • Links to examples of that blog post type to reference for inspiration.

Since some of the steps involved in writing a blog post are similar no matter what type of post you’re writing, you’ll notice some of the steps are nearly identical across all templates. However, all examples and additional resources pertain to just that post type. The idea is be able to open any one of the 5 blog post templates and have all the guidance you need right at your fingertips to write a bookmark-worthy blog post.

Google Drive Link to download: https://goo.gl/ce2Mwr